My research focuses on the political economy of international monetary relations, financial market development and credit market dynamics. I am currently working on several projects analyzing and conceptualizing the role of politics in the context of lending boom (bust) episodes.

Work in Progress

Political Credit Cycles – Myth or Reality?, joint with Puspa Amri.

Moral Hazard and Financial Crises: Evidence from US Troop Deployments, joint with Michael Aklin.

Private Debts are a Public Blessing – Exploring the Political Economy of Lending Booms, APSA 2012 Annual Meeting Paper.

Papers in Peer-reviewed Journals

Financial Governance in the EMP, (with Alexander Salhi),EuroMed Journal of Business, Volume 6, Issue 2, 253 – 271, (2011).

The EuroMediterranean Partnership – A Macroeconomic Governance Perspective, (with Alexander Salhi), Journal of Common Market Studies, Volume 49, Issue 4, 871–894, (2011).

Growth Patterns in the CIS-8 – A Political Economy Approach, (with Alexander Salhi and Martin Roessler), Transition Studies Review, Volume 17(4), 686 – 708, (2010).

Global Imbalances and a Trade-Finance-Nexus, (with Christian Fahrholz), Journal of Financial Economic Policy, Volume 1(3), 206 – 226, (2009).

Red Star Spangled Banner –Scrutinizing the Root Causes of Financial Crisis, (with Christian Fahrholz), Journal of Regulation & Risk North Asia, Volume 1(3), 119 – 124, (2009).

Working Papers and Policy Briefs

Report for the GO-EuroMed Brussels Conference 27 – 28 November 2008, (with MarkFurness and Pablo Gandara), GO-EuroMed Project Final Project Report, (2008).

The Political Economy of Euro-Med Governance, (with Mark Furness and Pablo Gandara), European Policy Brief, (2008).

Financial Markets, Economic Growth and the Missing Link – A Role for the EMP?, (with Alexander Salhi and Nevine Eid), Go-EuroMed MPSG Working Paper 0802, (2008).

Benign Neglect or Lost at Sea – Macroeconomic Governance in the EMP, (with Alexander Salhi), Go-EuroMed MPSG Working Paper 0803, (2008).

Red Star Spangled Banner –Scrutinizing the Root Causes of Financial Crisis, (with Christian Fahrholz), Working Papers on Global Financial Markets No.5, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, (2008).

Ain’t no Sunshine when the Boom is Gone: Questioning the Roots of Current Global Financial Crisis, (with Christian Fahrholz), Innovation and knowledge Management in Twin Track Economies: Challenges & Solutions, 11th IBIMA conference proceedings, (2008).

Research Notes and Commentaries

The Irrelevance of the European Toxic Asset Facility,, (2011).

Government Bonds will be the Next Blow,, (2011).

A Big Fat Greek Financial Wedding,, (with Christian Fahrholz), (2009).

Red Star Spangled Banner –Scrutinizing the Root Causes of Financial Crisis, (with Christian Fahrholz),, (2009).

Selling the Drama – A Research Note,, (with Christian Fahrholz), (2008).

Asking Financial Markets for a Viennese Waltz, atlantic-community-org.,  (with Christian Fahrholz), (2008).


‘Lending Booms – Stylized Facts, Critical Junctures and a Missing Political Economy Link’, Ph.D. Thesis, available upon request, (2010).

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